Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Home Evening

For FHE tonight, we're updating our blog. I know, I know; it's only been not even a day since our last post, but the introductory post told you nothing about what's actually going on in our lives. We are moving from Midvale to Chicago on July 15. Earlier this year, Jake got accepted to Northwestern University to get his MBA. Smart boy, right? Seriously, this is the guy who said to his interviewer, "I'm the man" when asked why Northwestern should take him. And somehow, it all worked out. So a couple weeks ago, my mom and I flew to Chicago to find an apartment. After trial, tribulation, and looking at several tiny studio apartments that cost upwards of $1200, I found a one bedroom 3rd floor walk-up (at a reasonable price, I might add) a few miles south of campus near Evanston, IL. I'd show you pictures, but the uploader thingy tells me there's some kind of internal error. I'll post pictures when we get all moved in. That will be cuter anyway.

I just completed my first year of teaching high school at Riverton High. It was a huge challenge, but I really had a good time. I had some really great students as well as a class from hell. It was a fantastic learning experience for me, and I'm sad to leave such great students and faculty. But on the bright side, I get to experience an entirely new city for the next two years. Everybody has been asking me if I'm going to teach while we're there, and the answer is: I'm not sure. There are rules preventing people who don't live within Chicago city limits to teach in the city. I think our apartment may be within the limits, but even so, I'm not sure if that's what I want to do for only two years. As I learned this year, it's hard to be in a school for a short time because you have no way to establish a reputation or to build a program. Also, teaching jobs near where we live are pretty scarce. I did have a phone interview this morning for a substitute teaching position nearby, but I have no way of knowing how steady that work will be. I've also applied with several companies near Evanston, but haven't heard back from anyone yet. I've only been able to apply online so far, but I'll be able to hit the streets with a stack of resumes once I get there.

And can I just say I love being married to someone so supportive and great? Sometimes I get stressed with all the moving and job uncertainty, and I turn into a sobbing ball. He is always so sweet and loving. I know I couldn't have done this year of teaching without Jake. He really IS the man.

This blog is coming to you from a satellite in outer space.

We, too, have succumbed to the trend and have thusly joined the blogosphere. Don't worry, we've purchased our carbon credits to make this blog green (notice the background color? See?). OK, so we haven't ACTUALLY purchased anything. This is the Internet; who would? I'll just download my carbon credits illegally off Napster. Obviously we're blogging on a free site. No purchasing for us. Ha. Take that, peeps that want our money!

We'll try not to be too annoying. Jake will mostly write his random thoughts about economics and his future run for Governor of the Cayman Islands. Let's hope the Governor thing doesn't work out quite as well as the econ thing. Ashley will give updates on how/what we're doing and talk about how much she likes food. By the way, she likes food a whole lot, so expect a significant amount of this to be devoted to recipes. The blog is also an incentive for us to take pictures and maybe even post them here. Unfortunately, our camera is embedded in a MacBook, so you'll see mostly pictures of us as we sit on the couch and make Mikhail Gorbachev impressions. (Wait, Ashley just said we do have a camera. Whatever. I'm keeping the Gorbachev impressions.) Get ready for a wild, WILD ride. You poor souls.