Sunday, February 20, 2011

Independence is in the eye of the beholder

I'll start putting up some more frequent and probably shorter blog postings (except for a posting on the analysis of the logical basis of median income statistics, which should be fascinating!). I think Ashley is going to post more pictures of Joseph soon. So, no pressure there, Ashley.

On the way to work I heard a message from NPR that said more or less the following: "Currently, Congress is debating a bill that provides funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Please contact your congress person to ensure that NPR continues to receive funding so that it can maintain its independence." ... Wait, what? Independence? There are quite a few legitimate reasons for NPR to ask for public funds, but independence wasn't even close to my top 10. Government money = independence?

So, according to this standard, wouldn't that make Pravda and Xinhua the most independent news agencies in the world?

PS Posters that are part of the 50 cent gang and were led here by the link to Xinhua, please don't waste your time. Comments are moderated and your comment will never be seen. Thanks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from the Millers!

May your day be filled with hugs and kisses...the real kind and the chocolate variety. Loves!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Irish Culture

A hilarious bit from Michael Lewis's Vanity Fair piece on Ireland's debt troubles (a worthwhile read):

"A bell rings for a vote, and Irish politicians stream in. A few minutes before the vote, the doors to their chamber will be closed and guarded. A politician who is late is a politician who cannot vote. A glass barrier separates the visitors’ gallery and the floor: I ask my tour guide about it. “It’s not to stop people from throwing things at their government,” she says, then goes on to explain. Some years ago an Irish politician came late, after the doors had been locked. He ran up to the visitors’ gallery, jumped down from it into the press gallery, 10 feet below, and from there rappelled down the wall to the floor. They allowed the vote, but put up the glass barrier. They disapproved of the loophole, but rewarded the guy with the wit to exploit it. This, she claims, is very Irish."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Not to Buy Me for Valentine's Day

Jake and I were watching Lie to Me on Hulu the other night (as is our wont), when we saw a commercial for Kay Jewelers. A man in the military was talking to his wife and son via webcam and had his son give his wife a necklace that looked like this:

Does this look to you what it looks like to me? The silhouette of a buxom, somewhat rubenesque woman?

Gentlemen, if you want to tell your honey that these are your two favorite parts of her body, there MUST be another way than buying her a necklace with the outline of those parts.