Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who can go to China?

I've become more and more convinced that a fiscal conservative with a D next to the name is the only way to cut a budget and survive politically.

Today's example is:
Massachusetts is responsible vs Wisconsin is evil and is ending the American dream as we know it

And closer to home (for us) that we see every day in our area is:
Cuomo good and responsible vs Christie hates the children.

Nearly identical actions get entirely different media treatment. Perhaps it's true that only Nixon could go to China?

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Good Laugh

CNN has an article outlining the seven "meanest budget cuts."

Included in these "meanest budget cuts" are:

- $600M in cuts to community health centers. After this $600M cut the health centers will have a budget $400M larger than last year. ... ... To quote Princess bride, I don't think "budget cut" means what you think it means.
- $500M in cuts to food stamps, because fewer people are on the rolls. Cutting funds from money you aren't spending is my road to riches as well. (Admittedly, I heard of others making fun of this one before the CNN article.)
- $390M in cuts to "heat for poor people." Ignore the fact that this is April, we are in the northern hemisphere, and a new budget starts before winter begins. The article states, "critics say some of the money is also spent on air conditioning costs." Soon we may be able to add air conditioning to the list of "human rights." Perhaps spending years in Brazil with no air conditioning makes me less sympathetic.

I was trying to find a hint that the article was satire, but I didn't see one.

If these are "meanest cuts," and it is considered "mean-spirited" to end government subsidized cowboy poetry (thanks Sen. Reid!), fiscal conditions just may have hit rock-bottom. It's a mean world out there.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Some friends of ours in Chicago recently had their hearts broken. They have been trying to adopt for some time now, and have had several adoptions fall through. Last week they found out that a baby girl would soon be joining their family. After many hours and many planes to pick her up, they were told that the birth mother backed out. As a final kick in the teeth, their luggage was lost except for one suitcase containing clothes for the baby girl that would no longer be theirs. My heart ached for this couple and for the birth mom and the baby. I can't even imagine what that would be like. As I held Joseph close and kissed his fuzzy little head, my eyes prickled and I realized I had to write this post.

If you know a young woman who finds herself pregnant and is not ready to be a mother yet please let her know there are many, MANY couples out there who ache to bring children into their families and are unable to do so naturally. Adoption will be a difficult choice, but two parents can make a better life for that child than almost any single mother can. Sure, there are celebrities who do it, but they have wheelbarrows full of money that can not only pay for diapers, formula, clothes, and cribs, but also nannies and nutritionists and private tutors. The stats on children raised by single parents are pretty grim.

I can't imagine making the choice to place my child for adoption. I fell in love with Joseph the moment the nurse put him in my arms. My guess is that the birth mom my friends were working with felt the same way. But please let the young women in your life know that it gets a lot harder after you get home from the hospital. There are nights of screaming, sleepless weeks, worried days, sicknesses, and blowouts. And she'll have to do it on her own. Parenting is hard enough when there are two of you to share the burden. Doing it alone is incomprehensible to me.

I've added two buttons to the side of our blog to direct you to some of our friends looking to bring a child into their homes through the miracle of adoption. If you read our blog and would like us to add your button, just leave us a comment and your blog address. Having Joseph join our family was the greatest blessing we could have asked for, and we hope to have more children join us in the future. Please help some wonderful couples do the same.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Owl City - free download

Owl City does a cover on a Christian song from 2001. It's actually quite good. Go to the youtube page (or here) to download it if you're interested.