Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great zinger on modern meetings

Al Pittampalli, author of "Read This Before Our Next Meeting," gave a presentation at my work recently. He shared the following, and later included it in his weekly email:

"When fear is high, trust is low. When trust is low, meetings are called. When meetings are called, responsibility is diffused. When responsibility is diffused, the result is delay and compromise."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre-Healthcare SC Decision

Before the healthcare decision is decided this morning, I wanted to share what I thought was the highlight of the case between Chief Justice Roberts and the government's lawyer.  My takeaway from the case is the following:

"So, the government can force you to buy health insurance because you are going to need healthcare anyway." "Well, what about all the insurance that the government is making me buy that there is no chance I will use?" "Umm, Congress gets to decide what's essential, even if it's not actually essential."

Anyway, here is the actual back and forth:

Chief Justice John G. Roberts: But your theory is that there is a market in which everyone participates because everybody might need a certain range of health care services, and yet you're requiring people who are not -- never going to need pediatric or maternity services to participate in that market.

Mr. Verrilli Jr.: --The -- with respect to what insurance has to cover, Your Honor, I think Congress is entitled the latitude of making the judgments of what the appropriate scope of coverage is.
And the problem here in this market is that for -- you may think you're perfectly healthy and you may think that you're not -- that you're being forced to subsidize somebody else, but this is not a market in which you can say that there is a immutable class of healthy people who are being forced to subsidize the unhealthy.
This is a market in which you may be healthy one day and you may be a very unhealthy participant in that market the next day and that is a fundamental difference, and you're not going to know in which--

Chief Justice John G. Roberts: I think you're posing the question I was posing, which is that doesn't apply to a lot of what you're requiring people to purchase: Pediatric services, maternity services.
You cannot say that everybody is going to participate in the substance use treatment market and yet you require people to purchase insurance coverage for that.

Mr. Verrilli Jr.: --Congress has got -- Congress is enacting economic regulation here.
It has latitude to define essential, the attributes of essential coverage.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Comments While Running

People feel the need to make mostly idiotic comments while I am running with the jogging stroller. Here are a few gems in no particular order:
  • "Faster! Faster!"
  • "That's good exercise, isn't it?"
  • "Your face is really red."
  • To Jake, "Run, Forrest, run!"
  • "Just watch those pounds melt away!"
  • Referring to Joseph, "That's the life, isn't it?" 
  • and the one nice one from a older guy I see every couple of weeks to his friend,  "This girl is amazing! She's like the Energizer bunny!"
Does anyone else get odd comments from the peanut gallery while exercising?