Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello, Sunshine!

This is what I get to wake up to each morning. Good gravy, I'm lucky.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Day

Both children are sleeping, which is a miracle (Joseph hasn't napped in well over a week), so I thought I'd share this.

On January 27, my mom's last day here in Brazil, Jake was able to bless Nora. It was a beautiful blessing, and a sweet sister in our ward wrote it all down for me in Portuguese, and I got most of it down in English (Jake blessed her in English, and our friend Davis translated into Portuguese). Jake blessed Nora with charity, to "feel the love of our Savior for your family and all those you come in contact with." He blessed her to remember the sacrifices others have made so that she could receive this blessing, and he blessed her with health and strength to fulfill her callings. I'm so blessed to have such a great husband who bears the priesthood.

Speaking of awesome husbands, Jake got a new calling. He's been the executive secretary/ward clerk since moving here (and for about a year before that in New Jersey), and the morning of Nora's blessing, he called me (my mom and I were still at home getting Nora ready) from church to tell me that a member of the Stake Presidency wanted to speak to both of us. Since the Elders Quorum president recently moved, we both figured that meeting with this man meant that Jake would be called into the EQ presidency. No sweat, I thought. Boy, was I wrong.

We met with the Stake Presidency member shortly before Sacrament Meeting began. After a few questions regarding worthiness, we were told that Jake was going to be made a High Priest (note: this does not usually happen to men Jake's age, especially in the United States). We were incredibly surprised. Not the EQ presidency, after all. As it turns out, Jake was being called as a counselor in the Bishopric. As I said yes, I would support him in his calling, I was also freaking out. I said to Jake later, perhaps only half-jokingly, "They do know I just had a baby, right?"

He was sustained that day, and we were both asked to share our testimonies, which had my knees knocking, and I don't usually have a problem speaking in front of a big group. Jake translated for me. Our bishop said the sweetest thing after we spoke. He told the ward members that he was called into a bishopric when his children were also very young, and that he knew the sacrifice it is for a wife not to have her husband sitting with their family. He asked the members to assist me in whatever way I need because my job is a lot harder than Jake's. We have a great bishop.

Jake now sits on the stand during Sacrament Meeting, makes a few more visits during the week, and assists with interviews. The time commitment difference between this and his previous calling, at least so far, has been minimal, but it's hard not to have him with us during that last hour of church. Joseph has taken in stride that his dad doesn't sit with us, and Nora sleeps the whole time so far. We have great friends who help us so much.

Well, Joseph's awake, and he sounds happy, so bonus for me. I'd better get back to being a parent again. :)