Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Joseph Turns Three (and General Update)

I'm planning on several catch-up posts in the next while. I hate scrapbooking, so this is the best family history my kids are going to get.

Joseph turned three in October.

Birthday Cheeser

With black and white balloons for his panda party later that week.
 We had a lot of fun celebrating with our little family and later with friends. On the night of his birthday, he had a meltdown at dinner so we moved celebrations to the following evening. He had a birthday pavê, and Jake kindly helped Joseph blow out the candles.

Make a wish!
He also had quite the gift haul. We had brought back lots of presents from family during our visit to the US in July.

That is one lucky kid.
I think his favorite was a new panda, dubbed "Squeaky Panda," from Nora.
"Show Mommy Squeaky Panda?"
That Saturday, we had a few friends from our ward over for snacks and cake. I had spent a long time planning and working on all of it, and it was incredibly satisfying to see it all come together. Everyone had a good time, and the food turned out great. Joseph was so excited to have a panda cake. Over six months later he was still talking about it.

Invitation, main cake, Squeaky Panda, and cupcakes.
Our birthday boy!
I didn't get to his annual check-up until February (mother of the year right here, folks!), but his physical development is all on track. He's a little on the tall side and a little on the thin side. He was wearing 3T clothes on his birthday, but the adjustable waist on the pants had to be cinched in as tight as they would go or they would have fallen off. His 3T shirts are now starting to get a little small, and we'll probably be breaking out the next size before too long. I only put the last of his 2T shorts away about a month ago, so we'll be in 3T shorts for awhile yet, I imagine. His 3T long pants, while still cinched in almost as far as they will go, are beginning to get short. It's a good thing it's warm in Brazil for most of the year; shorts are much more forgiving.

Joseph loves to run and jump and play. He knows the names and locations of about 25 countries on our map and is always eager to learn more. He's got many of his books memorized. We have been working on letter sounds and just this week he started putting them together to make two-letter words. He loves numbers and has been working hard to count objects one at a time. We'll count beans into a muffin tin with the numbers 1-12 on the inside. Around Christmas, he started singing with us finally, and that has been fun as we've been learning the Primary songs this year. We've also been doing action songs like "Popcorn Popping" and "Do As I'm Doing."
We're so happy to have this fun little boy as a part of our family. His happy smile and infectious laugh brighten our days.

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