Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Sítio

People who live in São Paulo don't like to stay in the city on the weekends. Many wealthy families have weekend homes an hour or so drive outside the city. Other families will spend a weekend at a sítio. The best short translation of the word is "ranch," but like a dude ranch. There might be horses and other farm animals, walking trails, swimming pool, soccer pitch (of course), picnic areas, and grills for churrasco. We went to one of these sítios in October for a church activity and had a great time.
Swings. Joseph talked about them for weeks.

Nora had a great time in the front pack.

Going across the swaying bridge.

Bridge at the playground. I think he could have spent hours here.

Poking sticks in sand. It's good to be little.

It's not a Brazilian party unless there's soccer. Jake's in the blue shirt.
She was more than ready to get out of the pack. We had to keep a sharp eye on her because she wanted to put everything in her mouth and crawl down the steps.
Let's go, Dad!

Orange "bubble juice" at lunch.
It's also not a Brazilian party without copious amounts of grilled meat on sticks, rice, beans, and soda.

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